Indigo Healing with Horses, Hounds & Art

Initiatic Art Therapy

Art therapy encourages an opportunity to express the story physically. Instead of focusing on “tell me”, therapy becomes attuned to “show me”.

Traditionally, Psychology is known as ‘talk therapy’, meaning that it focuses on gaining insight and knowledge through verbal expression. For some people talk therapy is challenging and may stop them seeking help when talking may not feel safe, or it may not feel relevant to the help that they are seeking.

We know that sometimes words do not adequately convey the stories that we need to tell, and there may be some days when talking is just too hard as it costs too much energy.

In a nutshell…. talk therapy may not be for everyone.

Art therapy uses collage, creative journaling, clay, sculpture, doodling, weaving, painting and writing to nurture, and decode nonverbal expression to develop a greater inner knowledge and healing.

Neither previous artistic experience nor natural artistic ability is necessary for art therapy to be successful. The process is not about artistic value, it is about developing self-awareness, exploring emotions, addressing unresolved conflict, improving social skills, and improving self-esteem.