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Clayfield Therapy

Clayfield Therapy is based on perception and healing through touch.


Developed by German Art Therapist Heinz Deuser in 1972. Clayfield Therapy has been taught internationally by the Director of The Institute for Sensorimotor Art Therapy, Cornelia Elbrecht. Clayfield Therapy does not focus on specific problems, it encourages the growth of inner awareness and solutions through moving the clay.

How does it work?

Clay and warm water are used in a simple setting to symbolically represent how we move through our world. Over a number of sessions, there is encouragement to find ways to resolve situations that the individual previously could not cope with when with danger.

Clayfield appeals to all different ages, and is effective for a wide range of problem including

  • Development of identity and self-worth
  • Meeting developmental milestones
  • Encouraging self-soothing
  • Social and relational competence
  • Balancing out behavioural problems and obstacles
  • Resolving historical challenges